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ENC In-Depth Podcast: Access To Funding II

This in-depth discussion is dedicated to “Access to Funding II” which is part of a series of podcasts included in the “Beyond Erasmus: Education, Exchanges and Employment opportunities for youth in the EU and Turkey” training program. The project is supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Turkey that focuses on education exchanges, internships, training courses, networking, access to funding for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), free-market entrepreneurship, and Civil Society Organisations (CSO), and employment opportunities for youth in the EU and Turkey.

The discussion revolves around the impact of the current political atmosphere between EU and Turkey on fundraising, areas of shared interest where Turkish and European youth should focus, and the available funding programmes.

The discussion was moderated by Andreas Marazis, ENC Head of Research for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, and features the comments and insights of Bernard Brunet, Head of Unit for Turkey at DG NEAR.

You can listen and watch the in-depth interview here:


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