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ENC In-Depth Podcast – One Decade After the 2011 Uprisings: Islamist Militancy in MENA as an EU Security Threat

This episode of In-Depth Podcast is dedicated to the recently published ENC Analysis by our Academic Council member Dr. Ebtisam Aly Hussein, Associate Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, and Middle Eastern Studies at Sun Yat-sen University.

In this discussion, Dr. Hussein focuses on how lack of integration by states towards immigrants can cause marginalized groups to form and provide an operational framework to terrorist attacks within EU member states and different approaches regarding security taken by the EU. She also mentions how the political instability caused by the 2011 Arab Spring created an environment for Islamic militancy to thrive, social inequality being used by Jihadist organizations to manipulate masses, and finally what can be done by the EU to prevent such trends.

The discussion was moderated by Andreas Marazis, ENC Head of Research for Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

You can listen and watch the in-depth interview here:


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