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This ENC In-Depth podcast is dedicated to the recently published and peer-reviewed volume “Principle Pragmatism in Practice: The EU’s Policy towards Russia after Crimea”, edited by Dr. Fabienne Bossuyt and Dr. Peter Van Elsuwege. The volume is part of the Brill series: Studies in EU External Relations. As the EU’s relations with Russia remain at an all-time low and continue to be in a state of paralysis, marked by de-institutionalisation, inertia and estrangement, the EU’s policy towards Russia seems up for review. By taking stock of the implementation of the EU’s Global Strategy and the five principles that are guiding EU-Russia relations, this volume provides a forward-looking angle and contributes to a better understanding of the current EU-Russia relationship and the prospects for overcoming the existing deadlock. By bringing together European and Russian scholars and adopting an interdisciplinary perspective that combines insights from EU studies, international relations, and European and international law, the book provides a comprehensive and holistic view on the state of affairs in EU-Russia relations. The discussion was moderated by Andreas Marazis, ENC Head of Research for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, and features the comments and insights of Dr. Fabienne Bossuyt, Assistant Professor at the Centre for EU Studies at the Department of Political Science and co-director of the Russia Platform at Ghent University and Dr. Peter Van Elsuwege, Professor of EU law and Jean Monnet Chair at Ghent University and co-director of the Ghent European Law Institute. You can listen and watch the in-depth interview here:

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