ENC In-Depth Podcast (EaP Series): New Formats for NATO-EU Cooperation with Ukraine

This ENC In-Depth podcast took place in Kyiv as part of a two-day conference dedicated to Ensuring Security in Ukraine and Eastern Europe: New Formats for NATOEU Cooperation with Ukraine. This project was organised jointly by the European Neighbourhood Council and the Centre for Global Studies: Strategy XXI, supported by NATO’s Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC), and generously hosted by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In particular, the podcast addresses alternative formats of cooperation between the EU, NATO and Ukraine in the areas of Cyber Security, Strategic Communication and Energy Security in the framework of EU-NATO Enhanced Cooperation.

The discussion was moderated by Andreas Marazis, ENC Head Researcher for Eastern Europe & Central Asia and features the comments and insights of three distinguished guests: Mr. Arturas Petkus, Head of Strategic Analysis and Research Division, NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Vilnius; Mr. Elois Divol, Cyber Policy Officer at the Cyber Security unit of the European External Action Service (EEAS); and Mr. Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI.