ENC In-Depth Podcast (Central Asia Series): Labour Migration & Youth in Central Asia

This ENC In-Depth Podcast is part of ENC Podcast Central Asia Series dedicated to development in the five Central Asian republics in the fields of Security, Foreign Policy, Economy, Democracy and Education. This podcast addresses the issues of labour migration in the region and the challenges faced by labour migrants. Furthermore, discussants also focused on what role Civil Society organizations can play in building opportunities for youth and the potential positive impact EU funded programs (such as Erasmus+ or Erasmus Mundus) can have on job creation and preventing the brain drain phenomenon.

The discussion was moderated by Andreas Marazis, ENC Head Researcher for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, and features the comments and insights of Ms. Nushofarin Noziri, project assistant at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and Ms. Sevara Khamidova, who has extensive experience in working on social projects focusing on community development, civil society and gender issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Both of them are currently undergoing a 3-month fellowship with EUCAM in Groningen, and with ENC in Brussels funded by Open Society Foundations.