Turkey Training and Lecture Programme (2018-2020)

ENC Turkey Training and Lecture Programme (2018-2020)

Over the past two years, the European Neighbourhood Council in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung and the Economic Development Foundation (IKV) developed together the Turkey Training and Lecture Programme (TTP) in order to train and exchange ideas with Turkish public intellectuals, journalists, youth leaders and influential civil society leaders. The TTP is divided in two parts: the first part consists of a week of trainings in Brussels for the Turkish opinion shapers; the second part consists in a series of public lectures which took place across Turkey given by the opinion shapers in order to discuss the European Union’s (EU) policies and thematic priority areas related to their own field of expertise.

The TTP is composed of 12 trained opinion-shapers and youth influencers which resulted in 10 lectures delivered with more than 1000 students attending in total. The lectures are organized with the commitment and the involvement of informal meetings between ENC’s staff and university deans and academics. It also involved the creation of more than 5000 booklets (available in English and Turkish) that were shared with academic staff and students throughout the programme. These booklets were also included in the reading lists of more than five Turkish universities which will further reach around 16.000 students in total.

The Turkey Training Programme has proved to be one of the best opportunities to connect Turkish civil society with the EU’s strategies and policies, as well as to provide them an updated understanding of the acquis communitaire, democratic engagement, private sector developments and global policy priorities.

Please find below, in English and in Turkish, 2 compilation videos about our Turkey Training Programme:

(English version)

(Turkish version)