ENC Analysis – Central Asia Amid Growing Great Power Rivalries

The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) released its new analysis entitled Central Asia Amid Growing Great Power Rivalries.

The ENC Analysis is written by Dr. Edward Lemon, Research Assistant Professor at The Bush School of Government and Public Service (Texas A&M University), President of the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs and ENC external advisor.

In this publication, Dr. Lemon analyses two important international developments reverberating through Central Asia. On the one hand, the U.S. and NATO have announced their intention to withdraw from Afghanistan in September 2021, causing concern in the countries to the north. At the same time, tensions between Russia, the EU, United States and China are on the rise, potentially hampering efforts by Central Asian states to retain friendly relations with all these eternal powers. But a recent development within the region itself, rising regionalism since Shavkat Mirziyoyev became president of Uzbekistan in 2016, gives the region an opportunity to balance these ties and deal with collective issues without excessive external interference.



The full analysis is available in PDF version below:

pdf4Central Asia Amid Growing Great Power Rivalries